Educational Services Institute

In this institute educational services are provided for the managers occupied in the field of education. Educational management includes planning, organizing, leadership and monitoring in educational organizations and is aimed at improving the effectiveness, productivity and quality in educational organizations. Educational management is a social process which requires creating, sustaining, and stimulation, controlling and accelerating the unity of human and material resources which are organized in official and unofficial forms within a single system to achieve organizational goals and objectives.

Education management is a part of the activities of the educational organization which are directly involved in education and learning. These activities include the ones related to educational programs, materials and course content, teaching methods and equipment, educational advice and guidance, supplemental educational measures, teachers and students affairs.


Some of the other aims of the educational management can be defined as:

- Help members in understanding and identifying the goals

-guidance, cooperation, assistance, promotion and support of members of educational organizations

- Participation in decision-making and exchanging the responsibilities and making joint educational system

- Creating good human relations and mutual respect between the manager and members of educational organizations

- Identify needs and problems of students to achieve educational goals.


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