Introduction of Management Institute

Perhaps the most important quality of the third millennium is the necessity of learning for survival. In this process, one should abandon all the mental backgrounds and previous defaults in education and look for new methods and techniques.

Management Institute of Iran Technical Complex, offering short term and long term international professional education, utilizes the latest principles and methods to promote skills and scientific qualifications of the learners, so that at the end of the courses they achieve eminent tangible and practical results.

This course besides strengthening innovation of the managers promotes the ability of systematic and strategic thinking and adapts scientific and professional skills of the learners with the job and profession they are in charge of.

In the process of planning the courses, there have been efforts to provide the learners with totally practical lessons and latest topics and the summary of the contents. In this structure the syllabus begins with primary concepts and at last focuses on the professional subjects.

This institute, because of the high collaboration with international organizations, has acquired lots of knowledge and experience which presents them to the students, exchanging scientific results and exclusive experience with great professionals and businessmen, is another main characteristic of this centre. At the end of the courses, the learners will acquire leadership skills and develop self-awareness and self –assurance, effective decision making, and problem solving ability, group works and international approach by being aware of the international daily events, necessary for working in transnational environment.


Published Books