Department of Human Resource Management

The role of human resource in public and private sectors has changed in recent years. The role of human resource in the modern world emphasizes the importance of human resource management through employing professional and expert forces. Modern societies based upon advanced information and economy, face intricate and dangerous work, which is accomplishable just by responsible, accountable and knowledgeable persons.

As time goes by, the importance of the human resources becomes more vivid, so that today we speak of the strategic resources. Strategic resource of human forces is more valuable than other financial and capital resources. In recent years, management of human resources has been stressed significantly in both the point of view of management theories and applied management. Regarding and noticing the strategic role of human resource has affected post industrial organizations and societies and management articles and in short, the approach to this resource and applying it in the strategic management have been of high importance. Utilization of the resources, besides proper planning and efforts of the workers in public and private sectors and also the, managerial schemes will result in the success of the plans.

All scholars believe that we should consider the labor force as a top capital in the organization, not just the factor of cost expenditure. They also argue that even within superior technology, no organization can achieve its targets without having a human resources or different experts.

Institutes should invest in instruction and promotion of employees. In fact scientific and practical reinforces this matter. Various research performed by the scholars in this field approves the importance and the effect of the skills and the experience of human resource in economic status of an institutes.

Department of human resource management of Iran Technical Complex was able to incorporate science and practice totally practically and provide professional courses for all public and private sector organizations. High experience and education of the academic staff of this centre, will guarantee the success of the students in this field.


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