Department of Financial Management

Today organizations apply numerous methods and information in performing managerial responsibilities and making optimum use of the resources. One of the key instruments for this, is preparation of the financial information, which has the function of providing the managers with the required information in the fields of planning and control of the resources, evaluation of the operation and decision making. The importance of financial management system in management of the corporations, justifies the performance of scientific researches in this field. In the modern world, capital as a key element in the development of the countries is of high importance. In the developing countries, this supply is of even more importance, because the lack of financial resources as a hardware requirement of the growth of the countries endangers the development of infrastructures.

Financial managers have a decisive role in the organization. Their responsibilities include budgeting, providing financial supply in financial markets, evaluation of capital projects and designing financial strategies. More responsibilities include attendance in the strategic decision making sessions of the organizations. The successful manager is the one who is knowledgeable in financial management. The proficiency in financial management is ever increasing, so corporations look for managers with update and specialized knowledge, perpetually.

Department of financial management of Iran Technical Complex is to instruct required financial managers of the organizations. We believe that learning the financial management as a skill beyond merely academic setting and also practical application of it in the organizations is necessary.


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