Department of Strategic Management

Leaders and managers regard strategy as an approach which besides guarantying their survival makes the winner of the competitive scenes. Regarding the increasing development of technology and inter-organizational communications and basic development in organizational processes, problems and questions of the organizations becomes more intricate, accordingly. There is no doubt that in such conditions, managers of the organizations and institutions should promote their ability in solving these problems. In this regard, beside the managers ability in coping with the problems, strategic thinking and planning are also important, so as the strategic plan based on the strategic thinking of the managers can promote their potential in competitive advantage and facilitate their survival in a competitive environment. Today's managers are the biggest investment of the organizations and their mental and behaviorist skills have the most important role in the success of the organizations in achieving predetermined targets, so investment on their promotion is vital.

Strategic thinking and management approaches, help the managers to diagnose the opportunities in the competitive conditions and decrease the negative effects of the threats on the organizations by helping them identify and prevent the problems. Development and survival in a competitive environment is due to effective strategy of the organization. Surely the importance of the strategy and its effect on the survival or destruction of the organizations is too much to describe in just one page.

Department of Strategic management of ITC, has prepared comprehensive plans for top managers of the organizations and the people interested in management to play their actual role in the status of leadership of the organizations.


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