Art and handcraft institute

Iran's thousand years of civilization is the sign of variety in handcrafts in this country which once was the main industry in the area.

There are many reasons for its obsolescence that lack of realizing the real needs of the market, the intentions of the users and finally lack of good marketing includes the main reasons.

Lack of attention and increasing distance between the needs of the users and handcraft production in the country has caused irreparable damages to this art-industry. In a case that this industry has shown that through the long years, it was able to draw the attention of internal and external markets.

Millions of dollars are spent to buy the handcrafts of countries like India, Pakistan and China. An accurate planning, a realistic and systematic view towards this great industry would enable it to own a great part of international market.

Ignoring this industry has caused the increasing growth of unemployed persons and withdrawal of exchange from Iran for buying luxuries and inartistic products of the other countries. In a case that our own handcrafts, with little investment and according to the talent of our youth who are the grandchildren of the same industry men, is able to achieve its place as a profitable profession among the new generation.

Iran's Vocational and Educational Complex's handcraft institute realizes the lack of practical education and recognition of target bazaars, intention of the costumers and ways of achieving it, as the most important struggle and threat for gaining the real place of this industry in Iran. If there are serious attention and planning for real educations, then having outstanding and profitable changes will not be out of reach for the producers.


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