The message of institute's chief director

Iran's Vocational and Technical Complex has been concluded to respond to the need of a great phantom of individuals to practical education and preparing them for receiving the special expertise according to the skill and competence.

In an era which professional – practical short term educations could be replaced with long term of four to six years education to enter the job market, these types of theoretical courses with low effectiveness and output neither is economical nor profitable from the standpoint of time period for graduation.

Analyzing the new educational systems and various studies concerning the holding international courses and also counseling with experienced universities in the field of electronic education and the possibility of offering the courses in multimedia environment (images, sound, animation and flash) Iran's Technical Complex has prepared suitable possibilities. Thus students would have access to the contents of the course without time and setting limitations and would repeat it as they want in a stress less environment. This system enables the learners to use the masters' classes in any part of the world and to connect to the information banks, papers and electronic libraries.

This organization uses the latest technologies and most proper educational tools and academic board members owning high degrees and experiences to offer the most complete services with high quality, and it owns the legal permission for holding vocational courses and has common interaction with scientific-research, administrating, credit organizations and international universities inside the laws of Islamic Republic of Iran.

Flexibility, planning the courses according to the needs of work market, and latest syllabuses and course sources of the world, carefully observation of standard for educational spaces, using two dimensional education system (theoretical and practical), developing new educational systems, decreasing education expenses, creating a dynamic atmosphere, preparing the learners for special jobs according to their knowledge and expertise are a part of Iran's Vocational and Technical Complex's specifications that finally determines the future job opportunities for learners.


Dr. Ramin Asadi



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