Hotel management institute

Economists believe that any phenomenon which can cause the national income could be considered as industry and tourisms today is classified as one of the strongest industries in the world. After revolution the lives of people changed and many unsatisfied need came to scene, and traveling was not an exception.

Gradually, tourism started to develop and found its economic justification and allocated the rank of most profitable job after petrol industry. The circulation of tourism made hotel industry more popular. This industry which grew up along the tourism rapidly found its valuable economic place and was able to gain a big market. It conformed to modern science and other tools and technologies.

The doubling of the number of tourists from 2008 to 2010, according to the predictions of the global tourism organization and reaching to 1 800 000 000 will be a great economic news for countries which prepare themselves as host. This hosting would be possible by good planning, management and education and emphasizes the necessity of education in tourism and hotel management. Although hosting is one of our long-lasting traditions, but Europeans mingled hosting art with science.

Since tourism industry and hotel management does not have any other duty except offering service to travelers, and hotel is considered as the second house of the traveler, then hotel must not be considered only as economic function but as a place for being acquainted with the cultures, traditions, positions and formalities of the nations.

Hotel management in hotel management institute of Iran's Vocational Complex is a practical major in which learners would be acquainted with the following skills; the specification of different hosting institutes, selecting scales, recognizing and buying the devices and equipments for hosting, work division in these institutes, reservation, knowing the menus and writing the menus, recognizing the foods and their feeding energy, maintenance of food, preparing different food, appetizers and sweets, food health, work health and safety in kitchen and hosting institutes, suitable management of a hotel, motel and restaurants and etc. they would be familiar with the principles of management and English language and one other useful language to have effective social contacts with costumers.


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